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OTC Climate Rooms-OTC

Temp. Range: 18℃ to 35℃ (Lights ON/OFF)
Humidity Range: 60%RH to 90%RH (Lights ON/OFF)
Intensity can be regulated through controller from 0 to 350μmol/m²/s
Temp. & Hum. Sensor: Equipped with WAISALA HMP60
Programmable Interactive Control system with 10" Touch Screen
Equipped with smart phone APP remote control system
Fresh Air System: Equipped with fresh air system


OTC Climate Room


Wide performance range, Generally, it is a cylindrical design with an open top, where the air enters from below by the blower and spills out of the top opening after flow though the plants.  This design can make the physical environment in the room close to the nature, it including light, temperature, humidity, rainfall, etc. OTC climate room can be applicated to study the change of a certain climate factor, the effect on crops and forest trees.  OTC climate room is an indispensable tool for breeding for outdoor plants, the plant breeding is an important chain for current economic agricultural industry, is also the chain for current plant protection, breeding, disease resistance cultivar research and botany research, temperature, humidity, light, air component are the most important conditions for plant study.




Multi-sided galvanized pipe for main structure, dual layered tempered glass for exterior wall, safe structure with seismic protection in grade of 7-8 level. Which such design to ensure the indoor environment is completely independent from the outside’s.


Temperature, humidity inside the OTC climate room are accurate controlled through controller, which the fluctuation of temperature to be ±5℃, and the humidity of OTC humidity to be ranged of 40%RH to 90%RH with fluctuation of ±3%RH.


The lighting solution is installed with easily assemble LED lights, in this way, the lights is close to natural light with the number of lamp beads, uniform distribution and spectral proportion. The intensity of the light is stepless adjustable from 0 to 100%, which can be used to study the influence of different spectral ratio on the physiological development characteristics of plants, and can also be used for scientific research application according to the different needs of different plants for the spectrum requirement.


JIUPO self-researched and self-developed intelligent control system, makes sure the environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide, irrigation can be independently regulated. The controller can also collect temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide and other parameters through sensors for data analysis.  The system is equipped with touch LCD control screen, covering intelligent controlled for all the indoor environment simulation functions.  With an intuitive interface, you can accurately control the temperature/humidity, light intensity, CO2 content, wind speed and other functions within the controller. It also has the functions of fault alarm, status view, and data exportation.


Unique design of concrete hollow structure base at the bottom, single unit can arrange all equipment units in the hollow wall.  The annular pipe is set between the walls, which can meet the functions of indoor air outlet, gas filling and drainage, etc., with beautiful appearance and space saving.


The traditional open design at the top can be changed, set the column ventilation louver as replacement at the top, the louver can be electrically controlled to open or close, with the functions for rain and moisture prevention. The axial fan system and cooling system at the bottom to be a three-dimensional indoor air circulation system, which can more truly and effectively simulate the natural wind environment.



In order to ensure the quality and applicability of each OTC manufactured by JIUPO, JIUPO OTC does not design for standard ones. Each OTC project needs to carry out field investigation, communication, design and custom construction of the version required by users. If you have such requirements, very welcome to contact us for our latest customized proposals.

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We are a professional manufacturer working on environmental-simulation products for agriculture science and life science since 2011. A powerful team we have which working for environmental controlled research, development and production, we serve clients worldwide mainly from the areas of North America, Europe and Asia etc.

Our main products are environmental controlled rooms, plant growth chamber, movable plant growth lighting solutions which range from standard style to highly configured style and customized solutions. We are never stop our steps moving forward to make us to be one of leading supplier in the world for science research and agriculture production.

Over 10 years we have worked on control system based on high technology, different LED spectrum solutions using for specific plant research, good feedbacks always got, all of these inspire us JIUPO a powerful supplier for over 250 clients worldwide.





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