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Company Profile

We are a professional manufacturer working on environmental-simulation products for agriculture science and life science since 2011. A powerful team we have which working for environmental controlled research, development and production, we serve clients worldwide mainly from the areas of North America, Europe and Asia etc. Our main products are environmental controlled rooms, plant growth chamber, movable plant growth lighting solutions which range from standard style to highly configured style and customized solutions. We are never stop our steps moving forward to make us to be one of leading supplier in the world for science research and agriculture production. Over 10 years we have worked on control system based on high technology, different LED spectrum solutions using for specific plant research, good feedbacks always got, all of these inspire us JIUPO a powerful supplier for over 250 clients worldwide.

Why Choose Us

  • Professional & Experienced

    A professional experienced team we JIUPO have to provide strictly QC inspection from drawing design to production.

  • National-patented Energy Saving Technology

    National-patented of interactive control system and heat recovery technology achieves our products a high level of energy saving.

  • One-Stop Customization Service

    A professional experienced team we JIUPO have to provide one-step customization service from drawing design to production and application.

  • 1V1 After-sales Service

    Quick response with 1V1 service of after-sales, providing technical & maintenance support for 24 hours.




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