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Constant TEMP & HUM Rooms - THCR

Temp. Range: 18 ℃ to 35℃ (Lights ON/OFF)
Humidity Range: 60%RH to 90%RH (Lights ON/OFF)
Temp. & Hum. Sensor: Equipped with WAISALA HMP60
Programmable Interactive Control system with 10" Touch Screen
Equipped with smart phone APP remote control system
Racks: 4/6 Racks with 4 Shelves of Each (modular shelves)
Max. Growing Height: 43cm
Growing Area: 11.52/17.28m²
Exterior Dimension (W×D×H): 2310×2910/4200×3000mm


Product Introduction

Constant temperature and humidity room is an ideal test equipment for Biological Genetic Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Forestry, Environmental Science, Animal Husbandry, Aquatic Products and scientific research. It is used to test the results and performance for plant, animal, microorganism and other experimental samples in high temperature, low temperature, or constant test temperature of environment maters changing.

Product Details


   Wide performance range, enabling greater control of climatic conditions

   Flexible lighting options for uniform intensity and optimal plant growth, 0% to 100% dimmable adjustment

   Optimal internal thermodynamics to ensure uniformity of climatic conditions

   Equipped with flexible shelving 

   Nonpolluting construction and cooling

   Equipped with JIUPO updated smart controller, smart phone APP remote control system



•  Exterior: Polyurethane Insulated Panels Class M1 according to EN 14509, “sandwich type” with 75/100 mm thick, galvanized steel finish with white plastic. CFC-free 

•  Floor: Anti-slide  & anti-bacteria grey textured PVC

•  Walls: Vertical laminar Stainless steel SUS 304 with 8 mm ∅ airflow holes hollowed out

•  Structures and Shelves: Easy cleaning & easy installing stainless steel SUS 304, height adjustable 

•  Door with gasket, observation window, lockable mechanism from both insides

•  75 mm ∅ port for cables and other connections

Air Flow

•  Forced in upward direction, with electronic adjustable air speed

•  Vertical laminar airflow across all growth area to assure uniformity and stability

•  Variable air renewal through adjustable port or positive pressure generation


Control Panel

On the right or left side of the room and equipped with:

•  JIUPO updated Programmable Controller

•  Safety audible alarm

•  Indoor illumination ON/OFF button

•  ON/OFF Mains lockable-switch

•  Data loading USB port


Tubular stainless steel electric resistors


Low noise and high efficiency, air based, CFC free mechanical refrigeration by hermetic compressor

Thermal Security

•  Individual thermostat for maximum and minimum temperature with visual and audible alarms

•  Automatic cut off if in excessive heating or cooling



Ultrasonic humidification system

Humidity Security

Automatic cut off in case of water failure, audible alarms and warming on the controller

Lighting and Shelves

•  Equipped two Lights Panels with heat exhausting system on the top of each layer of the shelves

•  14.4 m² growing area on the 5 layers of each of four shelves

•  21.6 m² growing area on the 5 layers of each of six shelves

•  Independent lighting banks with separated ON/OFF controlling for each bank

•  0% to 100% dimming function with light intensity adjustment on the controller


Installation Requirements
Room Overview.jpg

  Demineralized water with ≤ 5μ conductivity and 1 to 5 bar pressure

  Electrical supply near the room (see electrical supply specification)

  Water draining system


Temp. Range (Lights ON)+18℃ to +35℃+18℃ to +45℃
Temp. Range (Lights OFF)
Temp. Precision0.1℃
Temp. Fluctuation±0.5℃
Temp. Uniformity±0.5℃
Humidity Range (Lights ON)60%RH to 90%RH40%RH to 90%RH
Humidity Range (Lights OFF)
Humidity Precision0.1%RH
Humidity Fluctuation±3%RH
Humidity Uniformity±3%RH
Shelves / Growth Area6/0.72m² - one single layer (4/0.72m² - one single layer)
Layers of Each Shelf2 to 5
Maximum Growth Height90cm
Test Space Volume22m³14.7m³
Total Space Volume32 m³22.3 m³
LightsTop of each shelf with LED panels or fluorescent tubes Up to 1900 μE-m ²s 10cm from the lights
LED ColorCool white / One / three / four color(s)
CO2-with 2000PPM Sensor
Camera-with Camera Inside the Chamber
Smart Phone APP Remote Control System-Equipped with smart phone app remote control system
Electrical Supply3/N/PE AC 380V ±10%; 40Amp

( 1 ) Temperature range upgrade (-20℃ to +50℃) available            ( 2 ) Lights with a different spectrum are available on request

Company Profile

We are a professional manufacturer working on environmental-simulation products for agriculture science and life science since 2011. A powerful team we have which working for environmental controlled research, development and production, we serve clients worldwide mainly from the areas of North America, Europe and Asia etc.

Our main products are environmental controlled rooms, plant growth chamber, movable plant growth lighting solutions which range from standard style to highly configured style and customized solutions. We are never stop our steps moving forward to make us to be one of leading supplier in the world for science research and agriculture production.

Over 10 years we have worked on control system based on high technology, different LED spectrum solutions using for specific plant research, good feedbacks always got, all of these inspire us JIUPO a powerful supplier for over 250 clients worldwide.





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